Depression Comes In Many Forms

It is estimated that depression will afflict 15 million people in the USA annually. Depression is a complicated illness. For many, depression can linger and grow for months or even years before being detected. Research also shows that less than a third will actually seek some form of treatment for their affliction. Often the sufferers don’t even know they’re sick.

Every day stress is common in the modern world. The road blocks in life have become more severe. With the recent economic crises, there are many feeling insecure and worried about their jobs and providing for themselves and their families. For many, the mounting financial problems are frightening. This combined with other stress leads to depression.

There are a lot of types of depression with many of the labels being similar in meaning. These labels include manic depression, medical depression, clinical depression and mental depression. There is also severe depression which typically refers to the final stages of the disease.

Depression can result from a variety of causes. One school of thought holds that it’s due to chemical imbalances or simple biology. DNA also carries depression. If your mother and great grandmother suffered depression it’s possible you will too.

Common factors can lead to different types of depression. Any form of substance abuse often results in depression. Both alcoholics and drug abusers can contract depression since the affects of these alter your body’s chemistry. Depression is also more likely after a close person dies for obvious reasons.

The mentally depressed have not always been understood in the past. Prior to mental illness being recognized as a disease it was considered by many to be a personal defect. As a result treatment wasn’t applied in a way that could help the patient. Every stage of depression has its ill affects. Therefore treatment requires early detection.

When it has become severe depression treatment is needed ASAP. Suicide often takes place in this final phase. The opportunities for help have passed because the cries for help haven’t been heard.

Treatment is typically psychotherapy and anti-depressants. It is also helpful to join support groups that you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with. There are also natural herbs you can use to treat the disease. There are options available to those who suffer from all types of depression. If lingering signs of depression exist then please seek help.

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