Commercial Finance-Marketing to the African market

The U.S. Export-Import Bank is committed to provide financing for U.S. exports to many countries in Africa. There are significant opportunities for U.S. companies to sell the South American countries who have bought in 2006, over 12 billion dollars of U.S. exports. Opportunities in Africa are ginormous. With a market size of over $ 400 billion and a population of over 680 million people, the continent is hungry for food, housing, energy, transportation, health products and services, and sanitary . In the healthcare market, there is a huge demand for high quality drugs.

Counterfeit drugs are a problem in Africa. Similarly, the quality of health care services are lacking. The healthcare market in Africa is huge business needs to sell medicines and other consumer products related to health and essential prevention and therapy products. In the telecommunications market is a great need to improve mobile phone services. There is also a need to test pre-paid courier services, and finally, Africa will catch up with the Internet revolution /. The water market presents new opportunities that cities grow more quickly than to extend the water infrastructure.

There is an urgent need for devices to reduce pollution caused by industrialization, agricultural runoff and lack of sanitation causes. In these areas, disinfect high-tech inventions that are relatively inexpensive water, benefits and health for millions of people will create. In domestic markets for energy in Africa a century later. Kerosene is the main source of energy for lighting. Wood is the main source of energy for cooking in urban and rural markets.

There is a huge demand for LED lighting, solar, high-tech home ranges and sources of alternative energy technologies. The Export-Import Bank of the United States is the official export credit of the United States. Its mission is to help finance the export of U.S. goods and services on international markets. They provide working capital guarantees to U.S. companies in the form of pre-export financing. They also offer export credit insurance and guarantees to facilitate transactions. They also provide financing to buyers. A number of U. S Banks partners with Ex-Im Bank provides working capital loans, accounts receivable financing, bridge loans and long-term financing. For more information on Ex-Im Bank visit their website. The bottom line: with a willing seller and an American credit-worthy African buyer is the U. S. Export-Import Bank seeks to facilitate the export market long-Saharan Africa.

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