Buy To Let Investment In Cyprus

If you are not accustomed to property market terms then allow me to explain what “Buy to Let” actually means. Well it’s quite straight forward really as it’s just a question of buying and completing on a property followed by letting it out to as many people as possible. The only important factor to consider is that your rental income covers your mortgage payments.

One thing to bear in mind when venturing on a property investment like this is the total month duration times of the high and low seasons. In Northern Cyprus for example, the low season lasts just five months and the high season stretches over seven months. To put the icing on the cake, there are over 300 sunny days a year, allowing thousands of travel makers the luxury of all year round holidays in places like Northern Cyprus.

So let’s quickly run through a nice example of what it will cost you. Let’s say you looking for a property in the value of Euro 250,000, which you can get with a very nice sea view. If you’re buying new then you’ll have to put a reservation fee down for Euro 3000 and this will hold the property for you. After that you’ll have to put a 30% deposit down so that will be around Euro 75,000, don’t forget you have to take the Euro3000 off which you have already paid.

So your remaining amount for your mortgage is Euro 175,000. Now you can get a wide range of mortgages so it’s best to shop around, I have seen them as low as 4.25%, so I’m going to base mine on this. Your monthly mortgage repayments will be around Euro 800. You must remember and this is very important make sure you only get an interest only mortgage. So if you do the sums over a 12 month period you’ll be paying out around Euro 9600.00.

The statistics available on rental income in Northern Cyprus show that properties can be let out for up to 10 months per year. So if we put the property we have just bought into the equation, we can expect an amazing 2600 Euro. in the high season and an awesome 1500 Euro. over the low season.

Right, now let’s expand on that and if you rent out for 6 months during the high season and just 4 during the low season, you would rake in an amazing 21.600 Euro in rental income. Things are looking good already but out of that we must account for certain payments such as rental management and community fees, so make sure you find a recommended property management agency, although the costs will not succeed 1000 Euro. per year.

The important thing for you to know now is that if you believe this to be an opportunity that you don’t want to let slip, then check out the which holds all the answers to your Northern Cyprus property investment dreams.

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