2 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

The 2 carat diamond engagement rings market could be complex. One carat was defined in 1913 as the standard measure for a diamond and represents 200mg or 1/5 gram; so how come a number of two carat diamonds look larger than others?

The response to the size questions is due to the cut and pattern. Diamonds could be cut in several different ways, some will be cut specifically to make the diamond bright, while others will be cut to render the diamond look as big as possible.

The shape of the diamond can even affect how large it would look. A 2 carat diamond which is deep will seem smaller than a two carat diamond which is flatter as well as wider.

So before you decide on the diamond for your engagement ring, you will need to make a few decisions about the diamond you are interested in.

How a 2 carat diamond is cut will affect how appealing it is. Conventionally there are distinct cuts for several types of stones, nevertheless, fashions change and now you can find stones cut in lots of different ways. The cut of the stone is used to help make a stone look much larger or more striking. Some cuts could make a diamond look more glittery than others.

The setting of the stone may also have an effect on how big your diamonds looks. For example, a diamond set in a broad band with an intricate design will seem completely different to a solitaire diamond of the same size. It is also worth considering the wearer. In case you are buying for small fingers a wide band can appear to occupy most of the upper finger, nevertheless, a large solitaire with a plain band will look incredibly striking, even on small hands.

You may hear people talk about the four ‘c’s, when it comes to diamonds; carat, cut, colour and clarity. We have already discussed the carat and the cut, that leave the colour as well as clarity to deal with.

The clarity of a diamond is to do with the imperfections and features of the stone, inclusions are inside a stone while a blemish is on the very surface of the stone. Most people will choose a diamond engagement ring as they quite simply like the stone and its setting, if you are ordering from a reputable jeweller then you should not have to worry too much about the clarity of the diamond. However this should be covered by the certificate which you receive on purchase to be sure that you are able to correctly insure your diamond.

With regards to colour the whiter a diamond the more precious it is. However, like with the clarity, this is a factor for the paperwork and the insurers, since you are only going to buy an engagement ring simply because you like it and it looks the part, the precise clarity and colour should not change your ultimate choice of ring.

So the important decisions to make when you are looking at 2 carat diamond engagement rings is to select a size and cut which you like and which your fiancee will like.

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