100% Home Loan Financing – Flex your muscles

With the current mortgage meltdown “we hear a lot these days, your average consumer thinks that the days of 100% financing have gone by the wayside. Sure, you’re wrong these days to a bank or lender who want to find a second mortgage that adds up to a first mortgage financing to 100% together. For if it is a standard sitting position junior is particularly risky. Too much risk is involved.

And there in recent history that the 80/20 combo is the most common scenario, 100% of financing vehicles available for a particular group of consumers (not the first time home buyers), it was a misunderstanding that 100% of all the options but dried But a-ha! There is hope for someone who has great merit, but rather invest its assets elsewhere, if the prices so low. This is called the 100th and he can flex on purchases, or refinancing. I heard an analyst on TV the other day that the money is so cheap mortgage now is like a sale at Macy’s.

It made me smile, but it’s true. In that case, why do not you invest your money elsewhere if you are 100% funded. After all, the houses are yet to appreciate in most areas, but not stellar rate we saw in the past. The Flex 100 to $ 500 of your own money to invest in conducting the operation must, so I guess it’s technically not a 100% financing, but it is damn close. received and no, you do not need to buy your first home in this company. You can actually a house during the last three years have owned!

However, it is applicable to the financing of your primary residence only. We can not agree that this cabin in Gatlinburg you Nice weekend or for large rental services in the street, you think you can get a good deal on. You must live in the house for funding. But you can refinance as long as it is not a “cash out” if you’re not paying down debt or take equity in the property. There must be a rate-term refinancing only.

However, you can repay the second mortgage or line of credit mortgage hate you if you get that second mortgage lien when you get your first mortgage closing (a piggy-back, we call it). Or say clearly that you originally 80/20 combo mentioned earlier. If you know the mortgage equity home a month or two after your first degree to build a bridge or payment of a credit card it is not working to refinance his 100th Flex What is your credit score?

Well, it influences the price, but there is no score “minimum requirements of credit required for this program. Just get a permit from the automated underwriting system is necessary. But be realistic – if you have “questionable” for credit, you probably will not get an authorization number. A borrower with a credit score of less than A 620 would probably have a low loan to value or debt-income ratio for a chance at a permit. Flex 100 may or may not make sense for you.

But hey, at least you know there is an option. Your lender should be able to help you know if this opportunity to flex muscles of your mortgage makes sense for you.

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